Unifying The Body of Christ One soul at a Time!

Building Kingdom, Winning Souls

Bringing Ministries,Neighbors & Friends Together

Unity of The Faith Christian Outreach Ministries Inc. in Moreno Valley CA , is dedicated to building a better, stronger, unified community. We welcome people of all denominations, colors, ethnicity, encouraging them to work collaboratively towards our common goal.  We embrace our diversity and shun anything devisive in nature.

Diversity Is Truly an Asset

There is no stronger bond than family and our belief is we are all part of a greater extended family. Join us in our mission by getting to know your neighbors and lending a hand when and where you can. Your community is our community, and we are all part of it together.

Dr.Cooper Hagans III

Bessie Hagans

(951) 530-0444

12625 Frederick Street I-5 #455
Moreno Valley , CA 92553